Everybody wants to design their bathroom What they see in the home design magazines. Also they want their bathroom materials will be quality,practical,enduring and affordable price. Bathroom tile is important issue in this case because it can change the atmosphere of your bathroom. There are some tips how to choose your bathroom tile and what you are going to pay attention.

1.Dream Tile

First of all there is a bathroom in your head which garnishes your dream. Try to conform this dream-bathroom into your real bathroom. Your bathroom can be big or small for your dream-bathroom. After deciding this you can start this work selecting your dream tile.

2.Try not to select more than 3 different tiles

Selecting dream tile can help you to select the other tiles. If your dream tile is striking the other tiles should be more subtle thus your bathroom won’t be strain the eyes. However your dream tile is really plain you can choose something striking. For example you can use bohemian style tiles.

Generally you can use 3 different tiles for your walls,floors and showers. An accent tile which is used on bathroom can be very elegant. If you want to something different don’t be afraid!


You should be careful while selecting tiles if you are using tiles on a shower floor because safety is more important than the look. Your bathroom tiles should be comfortable on bare feet and it should be enough grip so that you don’t slide down. Selecting small or mosaic tiles prevent you from slipping around.


Cleaning is another important issue. Most of the people choose ceramic and porcelain tiles because they think that porcelain and ceramic are maintenance free. If you select natural stone tiles, they will be problematic for you because it requires more maintanance. Natural stone tiles hold on to dirt more. If you really really want to use it in your bathroom you can use it more dry areas in your bathroom.


If you want to feel like you are in spa, you can add some different tiles for your bathroom. It gives natural look to your bathroom. For example you can use slate,travertine,natural stone tiles,stone effect tiles and marble effect tiles. This texture will give you a relaxing mood.